We Needed the Fiber-Optic Internet Available at These Midtown Atlanta Apartments

I work at home and just upgraded my client list. That required another investment in technology. I operate on a slim margin to undercut competitors as I establish myself, so I lease server equipment and run it from home. I need the computing power and gigabit Internet speeds. I got a great price on hardware leasing, but I needed Google fiber Internet speeds in Atlanta. My wife found us apartments at The Pad on Harvard that have fiber-optic Internet service. We rented a two bedroom apartment so I could have one room for an office and the equipment. Not having to rent a commercial space for the tools I need for work is really nice.

I have a desk with several monitors. They attach to movable booms that support them. I arrange them in front of me in sort of a parabola shape. The day is spent reviewing data and images from field locations as I act as a consultant for various companies. I give fast results with high accuracy for a much lower price. My edge is that I have a natural talent for the work. I get repeat business because I am fast and reliable with great accuracy on my geologic reports for the Oil and Gas industry. A few days without my computer setup would be a problem, so having the controlled access at The Pad helps us feel more secure.

The other plus is definitely the Google fiber Internet available at these midtown Atlanta apartments. This is what lets me work from home. Having two bathrooms is a plus too. My wife considers having a washer and dryer in the apartment as a bonus. I never really minded our laundry day each week at the laundromat before, but this is nicer to be able to do them at home.