We Can Rough It in the Wild, but We Do Enjoy Our Mission Viejo Apartment

I can make myself comfortable anywhere I have my family. I have always been like that. We used to live in a drafty old farmhouse that had a moldy basement. I worked on the stuff I could, since it was a rental, and made the best of it. However, I knew my wife and girls deserved more. So, when I earned my second degree, we started looking for apartments for rent in Mission Viejo CA. My wife never complained. She made the best of any situation as well. She could turn a couple of refrigerator boxes into a home. When we moved to Renew at The Shops, there was no making do necessary. This was just a really nice apartment from the get go with all the amenities you could ever want.

There is a playground for the girls and a swimming pool. Our dog, Katie, is allowed too. It is a really nice place. Don’t get me wrong as I do like a comfortable place to live. I am just used to being able to make it in situations that other people would have a problem with. I even teach winter camping in cold places, but I do like a nice sunny day at the pool. I enjoy our nice kitchen where we make healthy meals that sure beat an MRE on a frigid mountaintop. However, I have also enjoyed having those MREs when the temperature is subzero outside of the tent.

Our apartment has modern stuff like the NEST thermostat and KEVO electronic locks. Those are cool conveniences I enjoy having. We really have a nice apartment, but we still get the camping bug and go out and rough it for a few days. The girls are tough and resilient, but they also have their bedrooms decorated with their favorite animated character stuff. I like how we mix it up as a family, and this apartment does beat that old drafty farmhouse hands down.