The Perfect Apartment in Florida

I wanted to look at the luxury apartments in West Palm Beach because we just did not have the time to look at a house to buy. My husband’s transfer was to take place immediately, which meant that he was living out of a hotel room there while I took care of getting our house sold and getting the moving company ready to move us there. I figured it would be smart to just look at an apartment there first, then we could take our time and find the house that we would hopefully live in the rest of our lives.

My husband and I have two children, and this worked out well for them since they were able to finish the school year out. Transferring in the middle of the year is definitely no fun, and I am speaking from experience on that. When I looked at Jefferson Palm Beach apartments, I knew it was where we were going to stay at least for the next year. The three bedroom apartment really is great for us. My husband and I have one side of the apartment to ourselves. It has the master bedroom, a large walk in closet and a master bath. There is also a laundry room on our side.

On the kids side, there is a bedroom for each of them. Their rooms are actually bigger than ours, and they have plenty of closet space too. They share a bathroom that is the middle between their rooms. The living room is in the middle with a nice balcony off it. The kitchen is large, and there is a chef’s island in the middle of it, which is where we share the majority of our meals together. It is just really nice there, and we may end up staying here more than the year I had given ourselves for it!