The Management Team Does Make a Difference

I knew that I wanted to look at two bedroom apartments for rent in southwest Las Vegas not that long ago. I had a decent apartment, but I heard the manager yelling at one of the tenants who lived a few doors down from me. Even though I was not involved at all, I could not get that out of my mind. It bothered me that he felt he could harass someone simply because they were living in his building, and I knew that he could do that to any one of us there.

Rather than give him the chance to do that to me, I decided that I would just move. Like I said, it was decent, but it cannot begin to compare to where I live right now. The reason I wanted two bedrooms is because I have a huge family, and I wanted any of them to have a place to stay if they came to Vegas to visit. My last apartment only had one bedroom, so they would always have to get a hotel room. I can afford a two bedroom unit, and I knew that it would make it a lot more fun for all of us when they came out to visit.

The apartment I got is at the Spectrum complex, and it is fabulous. I have a nice sized bedroom and bath on one side, and the guest room and bath is on the other side. There is a laundry room that separates the two, which is another huge bonus for me that I don’t have to take my clothes to the laundromat anymore. The kitchen is right to the left when I walk in the front door, then there is the great room with access to the balcony. It is bigger and nicer, and the management team here is also much better!