So Happy to Be in Our New Apartment

We were looking for a nice apartment to move to in Las Vegas. I am a swimmer and need access to a pool every day. I’m not a fair weather swimmer. I will swim in the rain and on the cool days in Nevada. I do it for exercise. My wife was looking at a website to find an apartment that has a nice swimming pool. She found a place that actually has two pools. That piqued my interest right away. Two meant that there would be less crowding. Maybe I would not have to get up before daylight to swim any longer.

When we took a tour of the apartments, we really liked the kitchen. The rest of the place is just fine and dandy, but those kitchens with the nice granite countertops caught our eyes. The living room has one angled wall that has a glass sliding door that leads out to the patio. To the right of the sliding door is a fireplace inside. Such a nice touch for an apartment. However, I was sold when I saw the pool. We were just going through the motions to convince my wife that this place was a great rent deal.

The fitness studio is better than what they have at a a gym where we are members. It is great to be able to drop that expense and just enjoy the amenities here at our own place.We also have a washer and dryer in the apartment. No more laundromats! My wife liked the laundry appliances being at the apartment. I do not blame her. I never liked our weekly trip to go and wash the clothes. It took hours and was annoying. Everything from the shining floors to the paint on the walls was perfect. We were so happy to get this place.