My Husband’s Favorite Hobby Led Us to Find a Great City

My husband’s a big roller coaster aficionado. He has been like that ever since he was a teenager after his dad took him on a trip to ride coasters one summer. Now that we are married, he has gotten me interested in it, too. He took me on a trip to San Antonio this year so that we could check out the coasters there. We really enjoyed the area. So while there, we started to look around at apartments in North San Antonio to get a feel for what it would cost us to live there. We were really happy with what we learned about everything there.

I had never been to a theme park at the time that I met my husband. And interesting enough, our first date was at a theme park! He’s been someone that I had a crush on for very long, so I was excited about the date in the first place. Then, when he said that we were going to one, I was even more excited. We had the best time. We rode lots of rides together, shared cotton candy and had a lot of great conversation together. Within months of that date, I knew he was the one for me. Just like he has a kid at heart when it comes to theme parsk, he’s a kid at heart when it comes to life in general, too.

We often have to travel long distances to get to the nearest park. This can cause quite a bit of money traveling by car or by airplane. It also means that we need to spend money at hotels, for restaurant meals and more when we travel. We had been talking for quite some time about moving closer to an area that has a lot of rides. San Antonio has turned out to be the right place for that. There’s so much to see and do there in many other ways, too.