Luxury Living in Baltimore County

When I got a job transfer to Towson, I obviously needed to look for apartments for rent in Towson MD. I wasn’t ready to purchase a home because my job with the Social Security Administration has tended to move me around the Acela corridor quite frequently. I’ve lived in Washington, D.C. several different times. It is in the nature of my work with the SSA that it is imperative that I be able to pick up stakes and go where they need me. I haven’t owned a home in about ten years because of all the transfers.

Going to Towson was a new experience, however. I had never been there before and my co-workers made a funny face when I told them I would be moving there for at least the next year. They said good luck finding a safe place to live in Baltimore County, and I sort of believed them. We all know about the problems in Baltimore the last few years, but I hoped Towson would be different since it sits outside the metropolitan area. I figured I wouldn’t even need to drive into Baltimore as long as my new apartment complex offered everything I needed.

Thankfully, they do. The apartment complex is correctly defined as luxury living. It’s a beautiful place with all the amenities one would expect from a higher scale living arrangement. Between the beautiful hardwood floors and the modern kitchens, I certainly can’t complain. I especially appreciate the twenty four hour on call repair service and the night patrol security measures. You can’t be too safe even when you’re living in an upscale place. They perform so many services and provide so many amenities that I can’t remember living in another apartment complex as nice as this one. I’m hoping I get to stay here for some time!