It Took Us a While to Find Ashford Retreat Apartments, but It Was Worth It

When we looked for apartment to rent in Marietta, Georgia, we looked for a long time. We started when we had four months left on our old lease at our old apartment. Now we were down to just a couple of weeks. A coworker I do not know well overheard me saying in the break room how my wife and I were still looking for an apartment in Marietta, and he told me about the Ashford Retreat apartments where his cousin lives. I clicked to check out the link he showed me for their website, and it looked like a really nice place. I was really liking the lake in front and the big fountain. I like being able to look out the window and see water every morning. Just something that is a holdover from where I grew up. We had a lake and boat at my parent’s house where I grew up.

I texted my wife the link, and she checked it out. We decided to meet there after work and check the place out. I called the office at the Ashford Retreat apartment homes to see if someone could show us a two bedroom place. I liked it from the moment I drove onto the property and so did my wife. It was kind of funny as we were actually looking to find things we did not like. We liked what we saw, so we figured the neighbors would be a problem. I got bold and knocked on the door to the apartment next to the one we were shown and the family was really nice. They invited us in and asked us to stay for dinner!

We had already seen the apartment the office person showed us, and we really liked the place. Our neighbors, at least on one side, were super nice, and the outside was kept up like a fine golf course. I asked our potential new neighbors to tell us something bad about the apartment. They said that they wished they picked a floor plan with 1.5 baths instead of one bath. Well, that was just an issue of choice rather than it being an actual problem with the apartment. So, we decided to take the plunge and lease a place at Ashford Retreat.