It is Time to Find a New Apartment

In fact I have been thinking about moving for some time, ever since I found a new job in the area of Grand Prairie which is right in the middle of the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area. It is a good long commute from where I am living now, but that has not really motivated me until it started to become impossible for me to sleep at night around here. What is going on is really stupid, and it takes more than one idiot to do it obviously. About a month and two weeks ago these guys moved in. They seem to work some place that closes up around midnight, then they come home with a case of beer and they begin to drink and party. That is about what I would do if I were twenty and in the same situation. Of course they make a lot of noise, but it did not usually bother me all that much. The guy across the hall is a different story.

In fact I always figured this guy was a bit shy of a full load, something about him makes you nervous. He always struck me as the sort of guy who would drink two beers and start looking for another fool to fight him. I never had anything to base the feeling on, but it was always there. At any rate he is absolutely acting crazy about these guys. The end result has been a bunch of visits from the Dallas Metropolitan Police force. They have been here about every other night and they make a whole lot of noise. They always park right out in front and the sirens are flashing through my window, so the end result is that I get wakened and it ends up being a very bad day.