I Had to Move to Atlanta

It really was not too much of a choice. My boss came along and told me that they were moving the stuff I did to another location, so he told me that I had to either relocate or find a new job. In fact they were willing to pay my moving expenses and it was not that big of a deal to me. I do not have a girlfriend for the moment and in fact I found a place to stay, this is the website that I went. I started out by locating the new place where I am going to be working and then I found that I was going to a very short distance away if I moved in this place. There were some other options too, but this place had all of the stuff that I wanted and it was really close. In fact I am looking around for a good bike route to work, one where I would mostly not be at risk from the local traffic.

Traffic is really bad around here, it is a fact of life that I was determined to avoid so far as it was possible. In fact I am going to come out pretty well in all of this. My cousin Lou is going to do okay too. Since the company was going to pay me to move I decided that there was not any reason not to hire him and his truck. He and I moved all of the heavy stuff pretty easily. I put a good bit of the stuff at my Mom’s place. I figure that the next time I go back home I can bring most of it back with me. That is going to be in a couple of weeks and then I shall be done moving.