I Am Working in the Casino

When I was in Las Vegas I was mostly dealing the cards and I would play poker in my spare time. Of course I am sort of a minor leaguer when it comes to that, because I am good enough to make money playing the tourists, but I am best off avoiding the real professionals. At any rate I got to know a lot of the guys who look over the dealer’s shoulders and now I am working in the catwalks above the floor. I searched for apartments for 89014 when I got to Henderson, but that turned out to be unnecessary. When I went into work I ran into a guy I knew from Vegas and the first thing he asked was if I had a place to stay. He told me that the guy he had been staying with had vanished, taking some of his stuff with him and leaving him on the hook for the rent. Of course I did not make a commitment, but I moved in and it was nice since the other guy had left a pretty good bed behind. Chris tried to get me to pay for it, saying it must be his since he was down an xbox and a bunch of games.

The job is pretty interesting, but only if you have people trying to game you. We are watching for any sort of cheating or just people who are too clever for the casinos. Obviously they like to have the odds stacked in their favor and if you are smart enough to turn that around then they will toss you out. If you have seen the movies, then you may know that they used to take you in the back and bust you up for that sort of thing. Now we just put you in this book of people who are banned.