I Am in a Nice Two Bedroom Apartment Now

When I started to look at different apartments for Forestville MD, I knew that I had found the one that was best suited for me with Parkland Village Apartments. I was not sure exactly which apartment I wanted to get, but I knew that I had the right complex. I am trying to save money so I can put a large down payment on a house in a few years, so I wanted to find an inexpensive apartment to rent until I am able to do that. The apartments at Parkland are really nice, and they definitely fit my budget as well.

The only thing I had to figure out was if I wanted to get a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. I don’t often have overnight guests, and I knew that with a one bedroom anyone wanting to stay would either have to sleep on the couch or stay at a motel here in town. With a two bedroom, I would end up paying a little more every month, but I would also be able to use the room not only as a guest bedroom but for anything else I wanted as well.

The two bedrooms are a lot bigger than the one bedrooms too, and I don’t just mean because of the extra bedroom. The living room space doubles as a dining room in most of the one bedroom units. There is a separate dining room in the two bedroom units though, and I really liked that a lot too. I did end up going with the one that has the biggest space overall, because I just did not want to feel like I was cooped up when I am there. It is nice having the extra space to move around in, and I am actually not paying that much more per month for the two bedroom I am in now.