Having Our Own Quiet Apartment in a City That Has a Tourist Season

We picked a place that was nice weather for most of the year. If you want to live close to the water, you do have to put up with a hurricane season. However, South Carolina is not as bad as states along the Gulf. We have been here for a long time now and have not had any problems. I remember when we were first looking for an apartment in North Charleston SC. We were used to big cities, and even though North Charleston is the third-largest city in South Carolina, it still had that hometown feel to it. There are only about a 100,000 people here, and that is far less than where we moved from. We are able to enjoy city living along with that rural southern charm.

Our goal was to have a place close to the ocean, and that is what we got. We got a nice apartment. You might be thinking of skyscrapers or loft apartments, but the buildings down here are much closer to the ground. They are not cramped here making it a place where you have to build upwards. There is still elbow room. This makes the city more open as you are not dominated by buildings that go hundreds of feet into the air. You can still see the open sky and long distances. You don’t feel as small in a city down here in the south. Sure, there are bigger cities, but this is what we like for our style of living now.

Our place gives us a view of the ocean. We are very close without being on the beach. You do want to be back a bit. Not because of the weather, but because of tourists. Our place is quiet and friendly and feels kind of sheltered from the masses. We have proximity to all that we like while having our own quiet little area to live.