Green Park is a Great Place to Live

I knew that it would be easy enough to find some apartments in Decatur GA, but I wanted something more than just a place to lay my head at night. I am a pretty social person, and I prefer being around other people rather than sitting on my couch watching TV reruns. I want to be out exploring the world, and when I cannot do that, I want to at least be outside rather than in. That is why I was not so much concerned about how an apartment looks on the inside because I am just not in one long enough to make it a top priority.

What does concern me is what is right outside the door for me. I know years ago, people considered themselves lucky if an apartment complex had a small in ground pool. That was my parent’s generation though. In my generation, it is just a given that a nice complex is going to have a really sweet pool since that is a way so many people choose to relax. This pool here at Green Park goes above and beyond. It is a salt water pool that is huge.

There is a sun shelf for people just wanting to relax outside without getting wet, and there is also an outdoor area that has everything from comfortable seating to fire pits and grills. Now that is what gets me excited about an apartment, because I know that the same kinds of people live in apartment complexes. There will be some who I will never meet, but I also know that there are others like me who will enjoy sitting outside and meeting neighbors. It is also located in a great part of the city, meaning I can walk to just about anything that I want to do. Yes, this is a great apartment complex for me!