It Was Important to Me to Get Somewhere in This World

Pushing myself hard at the company that I’ve worked with for 12 years has really paid off for me. I’m living another country at the New Futura building located in the heart of the city. I have a coveted executive position at work. I can afford all the things that I need and much more. I get to travel for work, and I enjoy that. I will continue to do all that I can to give the company everything that I’ve got to be a success for my sake and theirs.

I started out in an entry level position for my company in my twenties. I worked in the mail room. I realized early on that I was not going to get very far without a college degree, so I worked during the day and went to school at night. (more…)

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Green Park is a Great Place to Live

I knew that it would be easy enough to find some apartments in Decatur GA, but I wanted something more than just a place to lay my head at night. I am a pretty social person, and I prefer being around other people rather than sitting on my couch watching TV reruns. I want to be out exploring the world, and when I cannot do that, I want to at least be outside rather than in. That is why I was not so much concerned about how an apartment looks on the inside because I am just not in one long enough to make it a top priority.

What does concern me is what is right outside the door for me. (more…)

We Can Rough It in the Wild, but We Do Enjoy Our Mission Viejo Apartment

I can make myself comfortable anywhere I have my family. I have always been like that. We used to live in a drafty old farmhouse that had a moldy basement. I worked on the stuff I could, since it was a rental, and made the best of it. However, I knew my wife and girls deserved more. So, when I earned my second degree, we started looking for apartments for rent in Mission Viejo CA. My wife never complained. She made the best of any situation as well. She could turn a couple of refrigerator boxes into a home. When we moved to Renew at The Shops, there was no making do necessary. This was just a really nice apartment from the get go with all the amenities you could ever want.

There is a playground for the girls and a swimming pool. (more…)