A Nicer Apartment Than What We Had

I have been rooming with the same two ladies for nearly three years now. We are not really friends, and I think that is the reason this arrangement works so well for all of us. When I was looking at Arlington MA apartment rentals for a friend of mine, I came across three bedroom apartments at the Arlington 360, and I knew that I needed to sit down and talk with my two roommates about the three of us possibly moving. All three of us live for work at the moment, so I knew that there was no danger of one of us getting married and leaving the other two in a lurch.

The townhome that I looked at is so much bigger than what we had at the time, and the rent is not that much more per month. It was definitely worth it for all of us to chip in a bit more. It is a two story townhome, and the upper floor has two bedrooms and two baths along with a laundry room. The lower floor has the third bedroom and bath, a living room, dining room, and kitchen.

My favorite part of the entire thing is the wrap around porch. I grew up with one at home when I was a kid, and I have always liked them. When I showed the floor plan to the other two, they really liked everything about it too. The nice part for them was that we would each have our own private bathroom, which is something we have not had up until this point. Moving here was just a smart move for all of us because we each get something more out of the arrangement. I have the big bedroom upstairs, but I spend most of my time on the porch!

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