Having Our Own Quiet Apartment in a City That Has a Tourist Season

We picked a place that was nice weather for most of the year. If you want to live close to the water, you do have to put up with a hurricane season. However, South Carolina is not as bad as states along the Gulf. We have been here for a long time now and have not had any problems. I remember when we were first looking for an apartment in North Charleston SC. We were used to big cities, and even though North Charleston is the third-largest city in South Carolina, it still had that hometown feel to it. There are only about a 100,000 people here, and that is far less than where we moved from. We are able to enjoy city living along with that rural southern charm.

Our goal was to have a place close to the ocean, and that is what we got. (more…)

We Needed the Fiber-Optic Internet Available at These Midtown Atlanta Apartments

I work at home and just upgraded my client list. That required another investment in technology. I operate on a slim margin to undercut competitors as I establish myself, so I lease server equipment and run it from home. I need the computing power and gigabit Internet speeds. I got a great price on hardware leasing, but I needed Google fiber Internet speeds in Atlanta. My wife found us apartments at The Pad on Harvard that have fiber-optic Internet service. We rented a two bedroom apartment so I could have one room for an office and the equipment. Not having to rent a commercial space for the tools I need for work is really nice.

I have a desk with several monitors. They attach to movable booms that support them. (more…)

It is Time to Find a New Apartment

In fact I have been thinking about moving for some time, ever since I found a new job in the area of Grand Prairie which is right in the middle of the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area. It is a good long commute from where I am living now, but that has not really motivated me until it started to become impossible for me to sleep at night around here. What is going on is really stupid, and it takes more than one idiot to do it obviously. About a month and two weeks ago these guys moved in. They seem to work some place that closes up around midnight, then they come home with a case of beer and they begin to drink and party. (more…)