A Great Apartment at Significant Savings

When I started looking at apartments in Istanbul, I was really surprised by all the choices that I had. I knew that there were several places that had apartments in Istanbul for sale, but I had no idea there were as many as there are. I found this out by visiting a local real estate website that has listings for all kinds of properties, from villad and apartments to pieces of land and other commercial properties. I was only interested in the apartments, and it was easy to search only for the ones that were within my price range at the time. (more…)

Living in Texas is Fantastic

I admit that I was pretty scared when my husband told me we were going to have to move to Texas. I had never been there, and it would be the first time that I had lived more than a few miles from my folks. I knew this day was coming though, so I was also pretty excited about starting this next phase of our lives. I wanted to look at Lake Highlands apartments in Dallas first because I had no idea if this is where we would end up settling for the long haul or if this would just be a temporary stop on his climb up the corporate ladder.

I looked only at one bedroom apartments because I knew that we would not need anything much bigger than that. (more…)

My Husband’s Favorite Hobby Led Us to Find a Great City

My husband’s a big roller coaster aficionado. He has been like that ever since he was a teenager after his dad took him on a trip to ride coasters one summer. Now that we are married, he has gotten me interested in it, too. He took me on a trip to San Antonio this year so that we could check out the coasters there. We really enjoyed the area. So while there, we started to look around at apartments in North San Antonio to get a feel for what it would cost us to live there. We were really happy with what we learned about everything there.

I had never been to a theme park at the time that I met my husband. (more…)