Affordable Living for an Adjunct Professor

Finding apartments for rent in New Haven CT was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I recently accepted a year long adjunct professorship position at Yale University. Personally, I couldn’t believe I was offered the job. It’s such a great opportunity for a new doctorate graduate like me that I was pinching myself over the position. Then I looked into what it would cost to live in New Haven for a year and my hopes started to fade. What an expensive place to live! Unless you want to live in the ghetto and sadly much of New Haven is not a nice area.

Fortunately the History department hooked me up with some numbers to call for living accommodations. One of the numbers on the list led me to my current place of residence. (more…)

The Perfect Apartment in Florida

I wanted to look at the luxury apartments in West Palm Beach because we just did not have the time to look at a house to buy. My husband’s transfer was to take place immediately, which meant that he was living out of a hotel room there while I took care of getting our house sold and getting the moving company ready to move us there. I figured it would be smart to just look at an apartment there first, then we could take our time and find the house that we would hopefully live in the rest of our lives. (more…)