It Was Important to Me to Get Somewhere in This World

Pushing myself hard at the company that I’ve worked with for 12 years has really paid off for me. I’m living another country at the New Futura building located in the heart of the city. I have a coveted executive position at work. I can afford all the things that I need and much more. I get to travel for work, and I enjoy that. I will continue to do all that I can to give the company everything that I’ve got to be a success for my sake and theirs.

I started out in an entry level position for my company in my twenties. I worked in the mail room. I realized early on that I was not going to get very far without a college degree, so I worked during the day and went to school at night. (more…)

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I Had to Move to Atlanta

It really was not too much of a choice. My boss came along and told me that they were moving the stuff I did to another location, so he told me that I had to either relocate or find a new job. In fact they were willing to pay my moving expenses and it was not that big of a deal to me. I do not have a girlfriend for the moment and in fact I found a place to stay, this is the website that I went. (more…)

A Great Apartment at Significant Savings

When I started looking at apartments in Istanbul, I was really surprised by all the choices that I had. I knew that there were several places that had apartments in Istanbul for sale, but I had no idea there were as many as there are. I found this out by visiting a local real estate website that has listings for all kinds of properties, from villad and apartments to pieces of land and other commercial properties. I was only interested in the apartments, and it was easy to search only for the ones that were within my price range at the time. (more…)

I Am Working in the Casino

When I was in Las Vegas I was mostly dealing the cards and I would play poker in my spare time. Of course I am sort of a minor leaguer when it comes to that, because I am good enough to make money playing the tourists, but I am best off avoiding the real professionals. At any rate I got to know a lot of the guys who look over the dealer’s shoulders and now I am working in the catwalks above the floor. I searched for apartments for 89014 when I got to Henderson, but that turned out to be unnecessary. When I went into work I ran into a guy I knew from Vegas and the first thing he asked was if I had a place to stay. He told me that the guy he had been staying with had vanished, taking some of his stuff with him and leaving him on the hook for the rent. (more…)

Luxury Living in Baltimore County

When I got a job transfer to Towson, I obviously needed to look for apartments for rent in Towson MD. I wasn’t ready to purchase a home because my job with the Social Security Administration has tended to move me around the Acela corridor quite frequently. I’ve lived in Washington, D.C. several different times. It is in the nature of my work with the SSA that it is imperative that I be able to pick up stakes and go where they need me. I haven’t owned a home in about ten years because of all the transfers.

Going to Towson was a new experience, however. I had never been there before and my co-workers made a funny face when I told them I would be moving there for at least the next year. They said good luck finding a safe place to live in Baltimore County, and I sort of believed them. We all know about the problems in Baltimore the last few years, but I hoped Towson would be different since it sits outside the metropolitan area. (more…)

A Nicer Apartment Than What We Had

I have been rooming with the same two ladies for nearly three years now. We are not really friends, and I think that is the reason this arrangement works so well for all of us. When I was looking at Arlington MA apartment rentals for a friend of mine, I came across three bedroom apartments at the Arlington 360, and I knew that I needed to sit down and talk with my two roommates about the three of us possibly moving. All three of us live for work at the moment, so I knew that there was no danger of one of us getting married and leaving the other two in a lurch. (more…)

The Perfect Apartment in Florida

I wanted to look at the luxury apartments in West Palm Beach because we just did not have the time to look at a house to buy. My husband’s transfer was to take place immediately, which meant that he was living out of a hotel room there while I took care of getting our house sold and getting the moving company ready to move us there. I figured it would be smart to just look at an apartment there first, then we could take our time and find the house that we would hopefully live in the rest of our lives. (more…)

Lots of Useful Information for Property Managers

I had some housing rental questions when I first decided to rent my mom’s house out rather than sell it, so I went online to find the answers. I did find what I needed to know, and I also found a wealth of other information. I had been thinking about going into the property rental business for a while now because there are some really nice houses in the area that have been sold for pennies on the dollar through foreclosure sales. I figured it would be an easy way to not only increase my income but also to build a secure future for my family.

The website that I found with all of my answers was extremely informative in other areas as well. (more…)

Green Park is a Great Place to Live

I knew that it would be easy enough to find some apartments in Decatur GA, but I wanted something more than just a place to lay my head at night. I am a pretty social person, and I prefer being around other people rather than sitting on my couch watching TV reruns. I want to be out exploring the world, and when I cannot do that, I want to at least be outside rather than in. That is why I was not so much concerned about how an apartment looks on the inside because I am just not in one long enough to make it a top priority.

What does concern me is what is right outside the door for me. (more…)

We Can Rough It in the Wild, but We Do Enjoy Our Mission Viejo Apartment

I can make myself comfortable anywhere I have my family. I have always been like that. We used to live in a drafty old farmhouse that had a moldy basement. I worked on the stuff I could, since it was a rental, and made the best of it. However, I knew my wife and girls deserved more. So, when I earned my second degree, we started looking for apartments for rent in Mission Viejo CA. My wife never complained. She made the best of any situation as well. She could turn a couple of refrigerator boxes into a home. When we moved to Renew at The Shops, there was no making do necessary. This was just a really nice apartment from the get go with all the amenities you could ever want.

There is a playground for the girls and a swimming pool. (more…)